Examples of gemstones cut from rough material:

I started working with different gemstones already while studying at Estonian Academy of Arts. I learned how to make cabochons and also took up carving.

Since the year 2016 I’ve been more thoroughly concentrated on faceting different colored stones. I cut gems from rough material, and also recut stones that are either damaged, abraded, or have a very low quality cut. My goal as a gemcutter is to cut a gem from the given material that is as beautiful as possible. A gemstone like that, with its beauty, sparkle, and character will be a joy for countless years and deserves to be used in a meaningful piece of jewelry.

In addition to gemcutting and carving I also offer the service of gem identification and writing reports for diamonds and colored stones.

Examples of gemstone recuts:

In case you’re interested in how exactly I cut gemstones, here is a short video of the process: