“Expectations” was the title of my first personal jewelry exhibition.
Jewelry created for this exhibition was born through pondering what and how I expect from myself in everyday life and from my future. Also, what I tend to think others expect from me. What are the affects?

Expectations often echo as sentences in my head – I either say them to myself or assume someone else to think them about me. Any one of them can be a motivation. Or instead, a force that destroys the will to act by appearing so unrealistic.
There are aspirations that may seem too weak to satisfy even low expectations. There are recommendations that are given, so the result of listening to them could match (perhaps someone else’s) expectations. There are criteria that I expect only myself to meet.

Trying to meet expectations can make you lose your path, clear mind, and control over yourself and your life. From the insane quantity of expectations you have to be able to find, but also to create yourself those important colorful fragments – moments, understandings, ideas, goals.